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Dear God,

Now listen to me "Jesus"
They call you God
Down on there hands and knees
Readin' from a hardback

They pray for their wishes
Like a genie
Till death do them part
And say you let them down?
Well,it all happens for a reason

You deem us all the same
But I wonder why you'd deny some
Some with their humane choices
Like lovin on their own kind
Or maybe taking the easy way out
On your judgment day

Now I'm not here to judge no inconsistencies
No numbers that don't add up
Nothing you wouldn't judge yourself
Im just finding it funny
How they spend 3 hours in your houses of many
Worshiping a man who hasn't even properly introduced himself.

I love me a little fate
I love me a little wonder
So explain to me
The way you moved water,the way you zapped these things we call friends
Onto this place we call Earth,

The apple doesn't fall from the tree,
Neither does the lady Eve who ate the bad one
So now women bleed without injury,
And bark with no bite?

Nobody get me wrong,
You walked this ground,
You spoke with words.
You lived and maybe loved
But with nothing special.

You,Jesus Christ,
Are made of the same ticks and gears
As the rest of us.
Eyes to see, legs to walk,and hands to write.
With all respect,
Do rest in peace.

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