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I like boys with big eyes and broad shoulders. Boys who look older and are 3 inches taller than me. I like boys with soft voices and nice smiles and pretty hands.

I like to use words in a way they're not supposed to be used.

And sometimes...I like improprieties..


and insecurities.
I like putting two periods to imply a pause, because two periods have more emotion than 3.

I like to sing things an octave lower than they should be.

I like to look at the ground when I walk - Except for in the library,

where I walk with my head

up in a proud sort of

manner, suggesting I have


Even though the

librarian thinks

I'm a terrorist.

I like suggestions.

I like to make crude jokes about death and incurable diseases..

which ultimately lead to

I like lined paper and brightly colored mechanical pencils.
I like the word 'Manifesto'
because I feel there's some
sacred emotion within it...
Though I'm not entirely sure
what it is.

Yet I DO know what it


I like letting things overtake me to the point where I'm not there.. Yet everything continues out of repition.

I like conspiracies and pointing out the faults in people who are popular.

I don't like having friends.
In fact..

I HATE having friends.

But I like boys with big eyes.

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