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Small Blue Eyes

I remember when you first came into this world
When momma called you “My baby girl”
When you decided to give life a whorl
And they told you, you were worth more than a million pearls

When I saw you for the first time
I noticed we had matching ice blue eyes
And in mother’s arms, you began to cry
And everyone told you everything would be alright

And even then, I wondered what you knew
What the world was through your eyes of blue
I wondered what the world was to you
And all the things you’ve been through

I wondered what life will be
Now that I have you, and you have me
About all the things that you will see
And if with every second, you’ll be happy

I thought about all the bad things there are
About the people who lie and steal cars
How I’ll tell you shooting stars
Make dreams not all that far

We’ll tell you monsters aren’t real
That scars always heal
That darkness won’t ever reveal
And you can always tell mommy how you feel

And on those days that you may think
That someday, this world may begin to sink
I’ll cover that up in a wink
In your own world of pink

But someday you’ll realize
That the world isn’t made of rainbows and butterflies
That life is full of good-byes
And the difference between the truth and lies

Some day you’ll see that life’s not fair
And people will judge you by the clothes you wear
But for now live life without any cares
And snuggle up with your teddy bear

Someday you’ll find out that pain is why
We break down in tears and begin to cry
That people will eventually die
But I’ll put that all in disguise

For your small blue eyes

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