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My Infatuation

I don't remember your face,
But you have beautiful eyes.
And I can hear your voice
Ringing in my head.
Do I ever cross your mind?
You make me nervous.
You make me smile..
I apologize for my infatuation.
Where are you now?
Are you hiding from me?
I don't know how to forget..
Were we in love?
I can't recall..
But I'm falling apart without you.
My stomach flips
Everytime I hear your name.
Lightning to my brain..
I saw you in the stars,
And I started to cry.
My tears as blue as your eyes,
My sobs as soft as your laugh...
We weren't in love,
But I like to pretend.
My conscience knows I'm lying,
My heart just plays along,
And I'm falling apart without you.

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