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For The Shoup Family

What can I say?

You guys are great!

Every single one of you!

That's not up for debate.

As Taylor Swift says, "My thoughts will echo your name,

Until I see you again."

A small crack in my heart,

For you are better than friends.

The sun won't shine as bright,

The sky's blue fades.

I relive delight,

As I think of the memories we made.

Our families blend so well!

I never thought it could be.

I always felt like the odd one out,

But you showed me,


I hate change,

I've never liked it.

But whether we've accepted it or not,

It still makes me sick

To leave such great friends behind.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger,

What leaves you broken makes you better.

This gives me hope that this isn't death,

This is me realizing how great I really have it!


You and Silas are so close!

I hope that you never forget all that you did together.


You are the friend Corbin cares for the most,

Just believe that this is for the better.


You are a true friend to me,

One of the few that I will miss the most.


You mean the utter most to Asa.

I imagine that he will be pretty lost without you.


You and my mother...,

The Twi-Moms.

I have no worries about you two staying in touch,

You talk tons!


Drum Camp is one thing that I'll hate to loose,

That little spark to my summer.

Without it,

Forever winter.

I haven't said my fill about you guys,

I guess this will have to do.

But I'm insanely serious when I say,

I could write an entire book about you!

(Now there's an idea! *wink wink*)

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