Live Life In a Tennis Academy

January 17, 2012
I will be the best
Just watch me play
My training starts in the middle may
I’ll go so damn far
You can look in the sky,
Pick a star
Call it MINE!
Because that is the closest you and me
Will ever be
Look my scores up on T.V. but remember
I don’t need you calling me
I’m focusing on pursing my dream
This is who I am going to be
Becoming a pro doesn’t come easy
And I don’t want family getting in the way
No support, try believing
Ripped, sore, thirsty, hungry, tired, working more and more,
Sunburnt, lonely, my body asks for no more.
Missing my family
I’m not a person but a piece of equipment
Yeah that is what my coach considers me
Life revolves around one thing
Desperate for balance
What was this thought I had for I had for a dream?
Obliviously I jumped in
Not knowing this lifestyles reality
But isn’t this what I wanted?
To live life
In a tennis academy

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