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What is love?
Is it normal to have butterflies in your stomach?
Normal to have your heart stop whenever you see the one.
Is it sane when everything blacks out and all you see is one person shining?
What about the fact that you can tell what someone is thinking just by looking into their eyes?

Love is an indescribable feeling;
It is when someone wants to give you a thousand flowers just to see a smile on someone’s face?
Is it when someone decides to give you a ring just to be with you for the rest of your life?
Is it when you are as old as dirt and someone still looks at you the same way they did years ago?
I have had that love before;
That was indescribable.
That gave me a reason to live;
That encouraged me on what was going to happen tomorrow.

That someone with his black hair and deep brown eyes looking at me so kindly.
His voice that was so calm it made me feel like I was on cloud nine.
His smile that made his eyes sparkle;
My heart would pound off my chest.
My heart is like a china cup,
It breaks easily.
He never did,
Whenever I felt like I was about to be broken,
He would make me smile again.

Everyone is like an open book.
Why is his book closed?
Everyone is so obvious but why is he so mysterious.
Why are you such a tricky person?
With your kind smile and gentle voice.
On one hand you are calm,
Then you are social and everywhere in sight.
One day you are so kind to me.
The next you look at me like I am a stranger.
What is going on in your head?
The one person I can never keep up with is the one I must hold on to.

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