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Love is a Jerk

Love is so obnoxious
Making you go starry-eyed
For a boy you barely know
And never thought about
Until Love decided to come along
And fill your stomach with butterflies
And your head with sappy daydreams
You never noticed the way he smiled
But in Love’s grip it’s all you see
And his brown eyes were nothing special
But now, when they hold your gaze
Love squeezes your heart unbearably
Love is such a jerk
Much like he often is
But Love is blinding
And Love doesn’t care
If he isn’t good for you
All Love wants to do
Is shift you judgment
And push away common sense
To make room for thoughts of him
And it doesn’t matter to Love
If you have things to do
Dreams to fulfill
A life to live
To Love, none of that matters
Only he matters
But eventually the heart,
Crushed and beaten by Love,
Regains its composure
And rids itself of those distracting thoughts
Of brown eyes and bright smiles
But still Love buzzes at the edge of consciousness
Waiting for another unremarkable boy
To set your heart on

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