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Say Good-Bye

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The sun sets in an everlasting eternity, casting an orange glow and releasing mischievous shadows.
Everything around me freezes, but time trundles on, and the tic-tock, tic-tock of the clock echoes in my ears.
I look around as the beginning dwindles, carrying onto the end.
As life speeds by, I slow down and take a look.
A living image is portrayed, telling people who they should be and what they should do.
But who are they to tell me that I can't be exactly who I am?
I raise my hand and wave bye-bye to those who doubt me, those who shun me, those who control me.
I say good-bye to those who make me, those who break me, those who hate me.
I bid farewell to those who raise me, those who drain me, those who forsake me.
I tip my hat off to those who created me, those who provoked me, those who isolated me.
I whisper, "be well," to those who love me, those who help me, those who revived me.
I say good-bye to the old times and welcome the forthcoming adventure with a hug and a smile.
Those who saved me shall be blessed.
I call, "good luck," to those who tried to befuddle me, because it seems they can't find themselves.
The light shines on me, calling hello to the person who waved good-bye.
Into the light I march, transforming into the person I was always meant to be.
Say hello.

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