Goodbye soo soon?

December 27, 2011
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Shattered glass scatters the floor
What more can I ask for?
Tears stain my face
Please free me of this hateful place
The grass turns from green to brown
My smile, now a frown
The sky turns from blue to gray
Too many secrets for me to say
The sparrow has stopped its song
Please don’t leave me for too long
I need your sweet song in my ears
All this hope disappears replaced with fears
The stars try to shine through
They are really trying to tell you;
I need you by my side
It’s the only way these feelings subside
But how do I reach you?
How will you know it’s true?
Or will you stay with your blue firefly
And let our sparrow fly to the sky
Give me one last kiss
You are what I’ll truly miss
Now it’s time for our final goodbyes
As the candle flickers and stats to die

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