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My BFF, This is for you

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I stare at my own reflection and is surprised,
for this is not what I was when you walked into my life.
I was broken and shattered, my life fallen apart.
You picked me up and fixed me with your strong hands.
You filled in my gaps-
you filled my heart with words of comfort, promises of love and care.
My BFF, this is for you.

Days I spent crying without a shoulder to lean on.
At nights, I wandered away cold and shivering;
faraway from the sorrow and hurt.
It was then that I found shelter in you.
You held me when I cried,
you curdled me into your arms for a teddy bear hug.
You kissed away my tears and stood by my side while I fought through all the difficulties.
You taught me how to smile, gave reasons to be glad, made moments precious to cherish, led me on the right path and made me strong, determined and caring.
You made me the girl in the mirror.
Now I thank you with these few words.
My BFF, this is for you.

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