I'll Come Running

December 29, 2011
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I am the stranger
that loves you

That knows not your world,
or your thoughts,
or your likes and qualms,
worries and wishes,
and hopes for your world

I am the alien of a distant star
that dreams of you

Of what you might be seeing,
or hearing, or smelling,
or feeling, or doing,
or thinking, or dreaming

I wish I would know

The water you drink,
the air that you breathe,
the wind on your skin,
the warmth of your golden hair,
your touch of a flower,

I wish I would know

Across the universe
light-years away,
I am nested,
my bat-winged friends,
stinging my agonized pupils

The reason you smile,
the reason you laugh,
the reason you sigh,
the reason you cry,

Oh, how I wish
I would know

I am the stranger
that loves you

Watch these fires
pierce through my skin,
watch how I crawl
and slither, among ashes,
numb, wild, and savage

I am the monster
that loves you

The earth that you walk,
the feel of you breaths,
the soft of your skin,
the smell of your thoughts,

I must not,
I must not know

The blue of your sky,
the fresh of your air,
the gentle light of your sun,
the warm breeze of your being,

The magic before the beast,
The Beauty before the Beast

I must not,
I must not know

My fangs that ache to bite,
my claws that crave to pierce,
the blood that widens my eyes,
and my demonic grin,

Now watch how I slither,
among these ashes,
numb, wild, and savage

You must not,
you must not know

The love you’ll find,
the kisses you’ll give,
the children you’ll have,
the bliss of their embrace,
and the joy,
of the remainder of your days,

I must not,
I must not know

The night rain that pours on me,
and flames that don’t die,
as thunder roars from above,
and I stare wide-eyed,
at my blood-stained claws,
trembling with fury

Hear the agonized roar
that shakes the earth,
as these torturous fires
consume me

And the tears,
the tears of the beast

You must not,
you must not know

That I am the devil
that loves you

And if ever,
if ever,
you should call for me,
for help,
for any which reason,

I shall come to you,
a bag over my shoulder,
filled with seventeen, glistening rubies,
fragments of my heart

And we’ll watch them,
fuse beautifully,
before your lovely feet

And it’s forever yours,
the heart of the beast,
to shield you, always,
and you may smile,
for the remainder of your days

I’ll come running

For I am the stranger
that loves you.

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