December 26, 2011
I watched as the slender 5’8 figure glided gracefully past my desk.
She wore a smile that you could see right through.
You can see she has been hurt.
I got a waft of her blonde-mermaid length-hair,
Smelling of perfume and smoke.
As she slowly slid into the desk
I caught a glimpse of the scars on her wrists.
She frantically looked at me and tugged on her sleeves.
“Allison?” The teacher called out.
She looked up
but her eyes didn't quite meet the teachers.
Thirty-two eyes gaped at her as she sat there in silence.
Not knowing what to do she shakily raised her hand.
“Okay Thomas?” she moved on.
Thomas did the same.
Allison buried her blushed cheeks into a book she dug out of her bag.
By the expression on her face
You can tell she wasn’t actually reading,
But thinking of things far too complicated for any of us to understand.
“Which postulate would you use to solve this, Allison?”
The teacher asked a little more sternly this time.
Allison jumped as the sound of her own name pierced her ears.
Refusing to look up a single tear fell from the bottom of her chin onto her book.
She shuffled up her belongings
And pulled her frail body towards the door.
Some papers trickled to the floor, each one titled;
“I Am Unknown”.

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