My Melancholy

December 19, 2011
By Orestes GOLD, Oakland, California
Orestes GOLD, Oakland, California
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My mother, my father,
you're drowning me, apathetic,
with the waters you've fed,
and I've fallen so under,
I no longer see
even the glint of the surface

My friends, all my friends,
you're disintegrating me, unwitting,
from the “warmth” you've given
and burnt all my emotions
leaving a body of ashes,
fading to blackness

And now, my dear, even you,
with your love and your absence,
have made me, not wanting,
a poison, a filth,
a blind rage,
a monster

And now I'm drowning
my mother, my father,
and I'm burning,
my friends, all my friends,
as they watch me, fearful and tearful,
scared of the monster
I am

And as I near you, my dear,
behemoth and savage,
and look to your eyes,
your most beautiful eyes

A final sting to my soul,
I finally see

I must end
in my melancholy

And thus I will have
saved you

my Dear.

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