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Time to Live Again

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Live a day, die a day.
Laugh the sun away,
Then flood the sea with tears.
On and off for ten years,
Then die always for three,
And there's nothing left to be.
Hate yourself until your hate is gone.
Bore yourself until you cease to yawn.
Burn your rage until your anger is burned out.
Love until you forget what love is about.
See until you're blind.
Search until there's nothing left to find.
Scare away your fears.
And cry away your tears.
But joy has been long-since whisked away,
Vanished like a single sun beam on a cloudy day,
Peaking through the gray but for a moment before it flees.
And there's nothing left to be.
Eventually everything comes to an end.
Out of the darkness reascend.
Take the shattered fragments of this heart,
Put it back together part by part.
It's time to return to the light of day,
So wipe the tears away.
Too long frozen in darkness I have been.
It's time to live again.

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