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Always There

When the darkness seems to suffocate you
Just call my name and I’ll be there
When you can’t take any more of the truth
I’ll get you out of the pain and despair

I will never leave your side as long as I’m here
Just take my hand; we’ll take this on together
I’m your shoulder to cry on, I’ll take away the fear
You can count on me to be there, always and forever

I’ll stay by your side when things get tough
I’ll talk to you until you feel all right
Lean on my when you know you’ve had enough
If you’re in pain, I’ll hold you tight

Give me your troubles, I’ll take them away
I’ll be the arms that catch you whenever you fall
If you ever want to run away, I’ll be the one to make you stay
When someone knocks you down, I’ll help you stand tall

I’ll make you laugh when I know you need one
I’ll help you through when things aren't fair
Just look for me when you want your life to be done
I’ll change your mind, don’t worry, I’ll always be there

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