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Sweet Like Sugar Packets

Go right now.
I can't believe you.
I've been here all this time and this is what I get from you.
Don't you know?
Don't you know how much I'd ache to be with you right now?
How much I want to look into those sparkling eyes of yours and hear you strum on your guitar?
I guess you didn't.
Because all you need is her, right?
You know.
That girl you go on and on about.
I'm not trying to be a copier of some love song.
But this story is starting to sound like one, honestly.
I thought you were different, but boy, was I wrong.
You are just another one of those guys that carry girls around like a trophy.
I'm not one bit grateful here.
You should really go.
Just go.


Not just yet.
Stay here for a little bit.
I'm still mad at you.
But you can stay.
For a little bit.

You say you're sorry?
Yeah, right.
You say you mean it?
You say I look pretty?
Gee, thanks.
You say you mean it?
I'm smiling.
But I reassure you that I'm angry at you.
But it's okay.
You can still stay.

You say you dumped her?
You say you've already forgotten her?
You say you've always wanted someone like me? With you?
I don't know whether to believe you or not.
You break hearts, don't you?
So I've heard from other people.
But your him.
The guy everyone wants.
The guy everyone secretly aches to be with.
The guy with the sparkling eyes and the strummer on his guitar.

You don't have to go anymore.
Not if you don't want to.
'Cause you can stay.
Please stay.
Because you really should.
Because I need to tell you.
Because I was never really mad.
I only wanted
to let you know
what I thought about you.
In a more sincere sort of way.

You say your mad at me?
I know you aren't.
You say how could I know?
Because you're mine.

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