To Fall in November.

November 23, 2011
By strungupheart SILVER, Willards, Maryland
strungupheart SILVER, Willards, Maryland
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It all started in third grade,
New school, new life.
When my friend saw him on the playground.
Trying to keep from being labeled freak like me
She asks him out.

That starts war in our 8 year old minds.
The fight for a girl
The first battle between boys for our peer group.
There was the side of my friends boyfriend
And the side for the boy who loved her.

Dances and chocolate
My friends boyfriends brother
They were twins
We were sisters
I was encouraged to date the other.

Years go by
The brother rejected
Tired of each other
The famous couple split
We were all left on our own.

8th grade
We start to hang out again
high school up ahead
I catch a glance
Maybe intended
Maybe not

Haunted hayride with all us friends
He holds my hand
We sit close together
Continually glancing at my friend
She hasn’t noticed anything
Maybe it’s nothing.

School dance
He tries to get me to dance
He hangs around
And comes back to me
when ever dragged away by another girl

Roller skating
He asks me to skate
Teaches me
I catch myself glancing over at him

He’s in my head
And my friends heart is breaking.

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