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What does it mean to live?

What does it mean "to live"?
We all live differently.
We all make mistakes.
We all hurt people.
But maybe we help people.
Maybe we love people.
Maybe we care for people.
Maybe we try our best to take care of only ourselfs.
Maybe we don't want to take care of ourselfs.
Maybe we forget who we are.
Maybe we hurt people too.
Maybe we hurt people because of past issues with trust.
Maybe we hurt people while trying to protect our self.
Maybe we hurt people on accident.
Maybe we hurt people because we're bullys.
Maybe, we're shy.
Maybe, we're afraid to talk.
Maybe, we're afraid no one will listen.
But again, maybe we're not shy.
Maybe we talk alot.
Maybe friends become friends easily.
Maybe we get yelled at by the teacher for talking to much.
Anyone can go on with "Maybe's"....
Untill the question comes up again.
What does it mean to live?
Does it mean, eating, breathing, resting?
Does it mean, making the most of your life?
Does it mean wasting your life on the silly things?
Does it mean traveling the world?
Does it mean, helping others before yourself?
Does it mean hurting people?
What does it mean?

We all have our own lifes meanings. Not all are the same. People are different. We all will have different answers to this 1 simple looking question. So you tell me....

What does it mean to live?

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