What Else but Friends

November 1, 2011
By crystalmae BRONZE, Pittsfield, New Hampshire
crystalmae BRONZE, Pittsfield, New Hampshire
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You make my heart stop with whatever you do
I melt every time you try to start a conversation with me, but you will never understand the feelings you have brought into my life
I act so stupid when we talk, you mention my name and my heart skips a beat.
My mind says girl just go for it what do you have to lose while my heart says just wait your time will come
We have been childhood friends ever since preschool our moms brought us to the park and you would push me on the swing
Whenever I was sick u would hold my hair back like the nice man you are then you try to lighten the mood by telling me my breath smells and I just laugh because I know that you’re just playing around
When I have a bad day and I need someone all you have to do is pull me into your comforting arms until I relax you hold me until I fall asleep
In my dreams I think that this is where I want to be for the rest of my life.
When I wake your smile is the first thing I see it warms me up your smile is, so white, so radiant, so pure
Then one day on one of my bad days when I woke to your flashing smile then like always you sealed it with a gentle kiss to my forehead to let me know it’s alright
My mind is in agony it can’t take it anymore but my minds not the boss my heart is and this time my heart knew dame well that it was time
I gave him a sweet smile back I gently wrapped my arms around him and pulled him down slowly till his lips met mine
We stayed like that for a few and I cherished every second of it, my heart and mind are both out of control my mind will never forget this moment and my heart well hasn’t my heart has yet to stop pounding
I know he is feeling the exact same thing he was the first to break away I was embarrassed at first but then
He looked at me with those green eyes of his and those eyes said what took you so long then he leaned back in for more
What an idiot I mustve felt, all this time he really like me and not just as friends but in his mind there was more he was waiting for me to make the first move
Years go by and were stronger than ever and I still love him more than anything in this world

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