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Don't Leave

Since he died about eight years ago
Due to the torturing diseases,
All of our lives have changed.
We continue to miss him every day.
You probably long for him in every way.

To keep you company,
So you're not too lonely,
I've been told to take his warm place next to you.
At night, I lie next to you.
In your bed, all safe and sound.
We sink into our dreams as the world turns around.

But there is a confession I must make.
Don't worry, my love for you is not fake.
Some may think it's silly, but I have a fear.
I'm afraid that one night, you'll disappear.
Don't drift away in your sleep.
Come back again, don't let us weep.

Each night in bed, before I rest,
I lie my iPod upon my chest.
I pull up the covers and close my eyes
And think of my memories and goodbyes.
After I listen to the music, I turn to you and pray.
I hope you can stay for another day.

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