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The time, the time

I thought about the time you said yes.
I thought about the time where things were at their best.
I'm still stuck on this.
I rejected you; I hurt you.
Although, I do love you.
I don't deserve your friendship, but thank you for it all.
You chose not to push me to make me fall.
Everyday, I wish I could help you and be with you.
I long for your smile.
Right now, it's the only thing that makes my life worth the while.
That time you saved me, I was genuinely happy.
Can I save you?
Can I make you love yourself the way I love you?
Can I do anything to pay you back?
But don't you think that's what this is about.
This debt may never be payed, but as long as you're happy, some way, some how...
The world around me will be stable.
I love you.
I care for you.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.

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