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re: Fleeting Frenzies

Winter materializes- begins to freeze and chip our alluring skin;
We awake, sleepwalking a midst the wind's incessant crying.
Alone in the air of the night, we fight recollections in the form of icing snow and sneering rain,
Trickling down onto brittle bodies, enveloping us with emotional strains.
Helpless and afraid, we'll melt into one another.
Buildings and fences turn into hateful, sad words I've written in ink inside my mind- the hidden corners.
Though these vows are reckless and bruised,
Each and every letter and worthless word-
The bitter spiteful truths,
They bring me deeper and closer, back to you.

I've realized most of our needs are but fleeting frenzies;
When this flurry blows over, I'm not sure if you'll be remembering.
I recognize that I'd rather be something you want than something you need,
As I stand on the other side of this bridge, frost bite creeping up my numbed knees.
I can't sleep on the thought of being temporary means, lived only in memory,
So I carry you down these roads lacking air to breathe.
Can you understand that just because something is necessary,
It does not always brings us relief?
When the urgency is satisfied and begins to cease,
There will be no use for my brittle and breaking body.

I'm only cracking porcelain, raw in my red lace layered skin.
Nothing but a casing full of wonders and answers to unasked questions.
You know I'm just an indifferent infant, never given the virtue of pure innocence.

So, with the evening shadowed and slurring on my anxious tongue,
I'll suck the smoke you inhale right out of your blackened lungs;
I'll change us back to the way we were when we were still young.
I swear to God, we'll be happy when I am done.

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