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In October

She rests here,
listening as his fingers strike
each piano key,
producing a beautiful melody
that will provide each individual
with a mix of emotions.

His fingers dance
smoothly brushing past the white and black
And in her mind she consumes his dark brown eyes
and his wonderful smile - a gift to her.

And she remembers
the warm, gentle touch of his hand -
enveloping hers as they
discussed multiple concepts of
the world,
as his hand clung securely to hers - as if she might let go.

He brushed her hair from her
large, hazel eyes that gazed,
so deeply, into his.
His lips touched hers,
and for just a single second,
the world stood still.

The world paused
for that one second
because they were in love
for just one second,
and she hopes, with all her heart,
that it will expand to become infinitely; evermore.

No one knows except God,
whether he and she will
be together for all of eternity,
but maybe,
from that one second, they're lives
will intertwine.

because I am that girl,
and he is that boy,
because we flew through the world
when it stopped that night,
because, perhaps, we're in love.

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