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Fleeting Frenzie

Winter materializes- begins to freeze and chip my porcelain skin;
I wake in the middle of night to hear the wind's incessant crying.
Alone in the air of the night, fighting to free myself from reality,
The fearful thoughts withheld by the walls of my mind elude security.
Helplessly, I run from one side to the other trying to smother,
Hateful, sad words I've written in ink inside the corners.
Though these vows are reckless and bruised,
The letters and worthless words, these spiteful truths,
They bring me deeper and closer, back to you.

And I've realized most of our needs are but fleeting frenzies;
When this flurry blows over, I'm not sure if we'll be remembering.
I recognize that I'd rather be something you want than something you need.
I can't sleep on the thought of being temporary means, lived only in memory.
Can you understand that just because something is necessary,
It does not always brings us relief?
When the urgency is satisfied and begins to cease,
There will be no use for brittle and broken bodies.

Yet I believe in the belated strengths,
And I believe you could be my jacket,
Protecting me from the snow,
And you could be my gloves,
Shielding my oblivious hands from the cold.
I think you could find a way to stay here with me,
And give me the only company I'd choose to keep.

I'll cover my eyes, behind a familiar shield,
And when I reemerge from my blindness,
I hope that you'll be there.

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