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Deaf to each other

You don't understand me.
You don't even try.
You say you try every day.
You say alot of things, but
I'm not a good listener when
I feel attacked. You
do alot for me. You think
I don't notice. I do, you
just don't hear me when
I speak. Or it sounds like
I'm criticizing you. I don't
understand you, because
I don't want to. You scare me.
I'm stoic. You're emotional.
If I want to talk, you say I'm
picking a fight. You're always
complaining that I can't do
anything right. You feel overused,
taken for granted, so you leave
me with your responsibility in
order to "clear your head."
I brush my hair over and over,
when I'm anxious. You say
that it is vain and selfish. You
talk for hours on the phone,
or leave me alone, because
"someone needs you." I'm not
patient, neither are you. You're
best friends with my sister and
proud of her too. You wish that
I'd be a little more hard working.
I love you with everything I am.
And that is why I hate you,
because you have NO IDEA of
Who I am. We're deaf to each
other. But you don't understand.

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