Hello, My Name is: ORC DORK.

October 17, 2011
I love music.
It courses through me
Every second of the day
Playing like a jukebox
In my head.
Music is blaring
Into my ears whenever
I go on a trip
I love all kinds of music
I play violin
And piano
And guitar
And I sing
I've started a
Christian Rock group.
Music=Life for me.
That's why I'm
what they call
An Orc Dork.
It means Orchestra Dork.
Orchestra is my
Fourth period--
I enjoy playing music.
What is wrong with that?
The other kids--
they hate music.
They hate school,
they hate teachers,
they hate kids
who are different.
Like me.
I love music.
Orc Dork.
It is whispered in the halls.
I hear it at recess.
Quick glances
Sneaked peeks
At the fabled girl
Who actually likes music!
What's wrong with her?
Why doesn't she like sports?
Why isn't she on the team?
Why isn't she playing volleyball?
Why is she such a freak?
She's so strange!
Don't talk to her!
Don't look at her!
You'll turn into
An Orc Dork,too!!!

Hello, My Name is: ORC DORK.
Are you an Orc Dork,too?

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