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My Life Not Yours

you say I need to change my ways, I need to grow up
When did I ask for your advice? Who told you, you could come into my life and take it all away?
Are you perfect? Do you have it all together? NO!
I still accept you for you. Why can't you love me for me?
Why can you avoid reality but say it's dumb when I try to have fun?
Just when I think we're moving on you pull me right back to the beginning, back to the same problems
You'll never solve. You point out all my flaws, pretending you don't have any
You say it's all my fault never yours
You take all my energy, correcting my every move, always putting words you want to hear into my mouth
I'm done with you, you will never change
It's time to be strong, time to start caring about me

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