September 25, 2011
The chaos around me might be the cause
Or maybe its natural, for the dust to stir
After such a hurricane. I don't really know.
All that is certain, if anything really is certain
Is that I miss you. I miss the childhood
We shared. The comfort of knowing,
That I need not cry, because
bestfriend would make it alright.
Bestfriend would walk with me, along
peaks and valleys.

The first landing involved, my eyes
darting crowds of running antelope
Looking for a sign, of my companion.
The last goodbye was swift, painless
..At least attempted to be.

Well, now we are grown up.
Arent we, Tina?
We are away, and there is no use
In being upset, like a child.
There is no point, in being nostalgic
Like a child. There is no progress
In having a heart.

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