I Must Have Been a Bird

September 10, 2011
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I must have been a bird
In my past life,
For I love feeling the wind
Splash on my face,
Lapping it as a dog licks its owner.

But somehow something happened
And I lost my wings.

I sinned.

I wonder what it was
That deprived me
Of liberty,
Of the purest state of being
There would ever be.

Was my crime a theft
Or a blasphemy?
Or was it I who chose to lose
My then unbounded freedom?

Why would I have left it?
Why must I want it now?
Why must I now remember
My past life,
When I had wings?

This pressure
Of being human
Overwhelms my fragile mind,
Restricts it from flying
As wildly as my imagination does.

If only,
If only my mind could be
As free as my thoughts.

Within this cage
Of promised "equality"
Has washed away
Almost all
Of what is left of my mind.

My wings—
I long for them,
To have them once more,
To fly, again,
With birds of my feather.

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DreamingOutQuiet said...
Jun. 14, 2012 at 7:01 pm
Wow, this is so expressive and good. I love the part about "promised equality" It really makes you think about what you mean.
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