Listen to the Waves

September 11, 2011
All the leaves are here, turning in the wind.
All the grass is growing, even if it's growing thin.
Even when it's drying, and the dust seems to settle in
Sink down into the earth
And come bursting forth again.

Somehow there's fire raging everywhere
And I'm seeing people crying, life isn't fair
Why do we scream, when all we need to do is hear?
Listen to the waves, and the sunbeams in her hair.

There seems to be a rushing,
Not steady enough to fight.
And it seems that we're all running
From something we imagined last night.
Drinking potions can push your troubles aside
But there's a rude awakening
Crouching in your mind.

Wake up and look around you!
Stop staring at the dirt.
Open your senses and love enough to get hurt.
Be what you need to be
Even when it's hard
Don't be afraid of never finding who you are.

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