A Sideways Glance

September 16, 2011
By Rebecca DeConcini BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
Rebecca DeConcini BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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The wrapped cocoon waits to fly
the wilting blossom waits to die
Clawing at a shadow I
wait- and regress into the lie
For that's become a habit of mine
Lying in bed and biding my time
surrounding myself with people I
doubt they know that I'm alive

I view it as a waiting game
The proceeding day is part of the same
As I hide inside the shell I've made
to separate myself from this facade
I never learned to appreciate
the sun's first rays upon my face
I assume that in my dying days
I'll cease to think that life's a waste

There is joy in solitude for I am free
from the expectant eyes surveying me...
I'm afraid that they see underneath
to the reckless mess I've come to be
Immersed in cowardly deceit and greed
I am a simple man with simple needs
I'm fine, I'm happy, can't you see?
-A sideways glance betrays me...

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