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Blueberry People

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There's a race of little people
They may live far from here
Or near
They tend towards the roly-poly
And they're often full of cheer
Or beer!
They wear greens and browns and yellows
And they're very happy fellows
But once too buried in their drink
They become too intoxicated to think
And woe betide the enemy passing near
But quickly feeling calm again
They aren't inclined to fight
-But don't get me wrong- they feel no fear
And they're very brave, once put in gear.

If a Blueberry Man and a Blueberry Lady
Want a particular sort of baby
For a Blueberry Girl a Blueberry Leaf
For a Blueberry Boy a 'Thorn
Tucked under a downy Blueberry pillow
To make sure the right Blueberry Baby is born.

Hats are thought extravagant
Shoes unnecessary
They have all they ever want
In their pockets - plus a berry
Nobody's ever heard of gold
Nor has anyone ever been so bold
As to pluck a berry off a stranger's bush!
(And if they did they'd be turned to mush
For Blueberry Men carry giant hammers...)
But when he's caught the offender stammers;
'I thought the bramble was my own!'
-That's it! And they both stump off home.

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prettyinpiink said...
Jan. 25, 2012 at 7:39 pm:
I loved your story !! Plz check out my work and tell me what you think ;)
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