Tell me you love me,and everything's going to be all right.

August 6, 2011
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Your like a monster your words like knives stabbing my heart,tell me you love me.

Im trapped in your web of never ending abuse,will it change?Tell me everythings going to be allright..

Iv left and cameback and left some more but for what? It hasent gotten me very far. tell me you love me and everything's going to be allright.

The cycle unbroken,will it stay the same? The web getting thicker,me getting weaker,it seems like im just your prey.Tell me you love me so I feel like everything is ok.

Is this what you want,to make me feel like im nothing? To make me come crawling back to you,to make me feel like I kneed you? Baby tell me it will be ok!!!

Then one day I relise that you used me,abused me,and threw me away,I see now that everything isint going to be ok. I see threw your little white lies,Even with my teary eyes,but its my turn to walk away,my head held high
and my future bright knowing you arent by my side,Im strong because I know im weak,Im fearless because Iv been afraid, Im healing because iv been broken,but most of all dont tell me you love me that was just a lie.

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