Labyrinth of Lies

August 5, 2011
I’ve been lost inside a maze
Lost my string and I’ve no compass
To point me in the right direction
Hello, can you find me?


The turns turned out to be dead ends
I pretend that they lead me somewhere warm
Because it’s so cold in my heart
And I can’t find my way out

Hello, can you help me?

There’s a light ahead but the feelings
Gone from my fingertips
I reach out and cry, the darkest night
Is upon me

Help, I’m lost

Has someone told you that I know my way?
I pretend because I can’t say
What you don’t see
That I’m lost inside a labyrinth of lies

Help, hello?
I’m all alone

Running from the beasts that lurk outside
But nothing compares at all
To all the monsters inside
Hello, can you fix me if I say I’m broken this time?

Help, I’m running from the truth
And stuck between the lies

Hello, can you save me from myself?
Before the labyrinth locks me in its cage
And all I’ll ever be again
Is lost

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