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Eyes of Love

His eyes
Hold halos of Heaven's angels,
The break of blue sky between clouds,
The green grass in an overgrown field.

His eyes
Hold a fierce, fiery passion for life - for love,
The topaz staff of a magnificent king,
The brave eyes of a lion.

His eyes
Hold dark, heavy storm clouds,
The long rains that stream through the Earth,
The familiar, persuading gaze of love.

His eyes
Hold only one girl, but could have so many others,
The girl of his dreams,
The girl he has, for so long, wished to have.

His eyes
Hold the innocent beauty of her soul,
The many loving memories they've shared,
The lasting love between them, both, forever.

Her eyes
Hold a beautiful, intellectual, saved by Grace, passionate, humble, loving, caring, giving, good, country boy,
The boy who has everything of her,
The boy, to whom she gave, all her love.

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