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An Attempt

This is another gorgeous attempt to keep you in my life...

If I say so myself I do a good job.

Time passes and my heart always has to admit

I miss you... with all my soul... I do.

It gets by, but still requires you to function.

I still have nightmares of what the world would be like without you.

Thoughts that maybe you're somewhere waiting or me keeps me alive.

You're so vital to my existance, my peace, my happieness, my brain's focus; it relys on you.

And even if it doesn't... even if I can live without you

who cares I don't want to.

I'd say "I love you" but that's and understatement

I'll create another phrase to describe it later...

Still whether it's foolish, confusing, dangerous, forbidden

it's what I feel and I can't ignore.

I just had to say it, in an attempt to make sure you don't foret.

I'll come up with something new soon if I fear you forget again.

When you read it you'll know it's about you. Everyone else enjoy.


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