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The truth

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you know

my teacher once told me

to write a poem about nature

i wrote one of the beauty of a fish

and it's surroundings


that was a lie

that is a fantasy not reality

here's how it really is

I'm hurt

i feel like a baby doe

with no where to go

i run and run

but I'm a victim

my killer just inches away

prowling closer and closer

towards me

and then

i fall

an arrow pierced through my heart

anger in my soul


enveloped with pain

not a shield in sight

no one to save me

my parents

recruited by the devil

slowly i die

time goes by

and no one comes so i lay there

the beating of my heart

growing fainter and fainter

as my life slowly comes to an end

hours have passed and still i lay

waiting for death

to take me at my last breath

but still

death must be slow

oh why!

why am i not dead?

this pain eating me

killing my conscience

my insides screaming in pain

why me!

what did i do to deserve this

i tried my best

but my best wasn't enough

and now I'm here

waiting for death

but it never comes

so if death isn't

my fate then what is?


you see

that is is what the world is like

and see when it comes to life

this is the truth

so i go on living in pain and agony

traveling through this hurt full rain


driving me insane

and death

well death

is far

far in a land

i cannot reach


living on a frozen beach

and this is the end

well until we meet again!

and we shall

for this pain will never end.

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