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fear closing in

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Fear closing in

I awake

But still continue to dream

Terrible stories forming in my head


I turn my head

My arm is blue

Something squeezing it harder

And harder and harder

My arm begins to burn

Pain shooting through me

I get up, 10 minutes later

Poof! It goes away

my hand returning to its’ original state.

But leaves behind a mark

Etched into my veins.

I know by now something bad is about to happen

I spend my day in fear

it fades a bit at the zone

Hanging with my friends.


Playing, beating each other at pool.

Eating pizza

Drinking lemonade

OH yes! The anxiousness, the fear, still lies in my heart

I wait and wait and wait

A gut wrenching fear explodes in my heart as it gets

Closer and closer

And suddenly boom

A red slap mark across my face

All is quiet

No one says a word

All trying to protect themselves

Cowering before the monster

Watching as he bites into my flesh

Standing, doing nothing

Are these the people that claim to love me

They stand, watch as I get violently abused

And later they blame me for my ill faith

And walk away

Leaving me there to dye

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