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The Beautiful Ones Fade VIII

I watch you open your eyes
My body wanting to engulf yours
Then I notice that one lone tear
When you say, "Stop" I’m stunned
But still I unwrap myself from you.

You sit withdrawn from me
Scanning the floor for your scattered linens
In the dark you feel my hand grab yours
The warmth in my touch is so inviting
You lay your head on my shoulder and let it all go.

I look at you wanting to hold you
But don't for fear it will scare you away
I can't understand what I did wrong
I reach out and take hold of your hand
When you lay your head on my shoulder I feel the tears

You feel my fingers running through your hair
Closing your eyes, you whisper to me the reason why,
Tell me about the man who took what you didn't give
You cling to my body never wanting to let go
You feel my heart beat against your ear

I try to calm your unending sobs
I hear you tell a story too horrible to be true
Your fingernails dig into exposed flesh
I pull you to my face and kiss your forehead
In your ear I whisper, "I love you".

We both get lost in between sheets of clouds
Two souls intertwined in the night
Soft moans pierce the silence
I think of only loving you forever
You think of it always being us together.

And I say,

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