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The Beautiful Ones Fade VI

Close your eyes
And let the dreaming begin,
As our spirits expand,
To the heavens we ascend.

Close your eyes,
Feel the passion and the power
Bursting from within us outward,
Such an intense emotional shower.

Close your eyes,
And ride these exhilarant winds,
When larger than life
The mortality of our love never ends.

Close your eyes,
Let the emotion flow pure and free,
I am such a part of you,
As you are so a part of me.

Close your eyes,
And this sensual desire
Between you and I
Can only lift us higher.

Now open your eyes,
Feel so ecstatic, immaculate and divine,
The dream we believed in all our lives,
As we burn, we breathe, we shine.

Under the moon and stars and sun,
We pirouette, we swoon, we dive,
Together we are one
And upon this passion we thrive.

Now open your eyes,
Paradise has come to us from above,
Feeling so intensely, so in love, so alive,
We revel in this passionate love.

Open your eyes,
Our love will never fade or sever,
This love so pure and true and alive,
Truly this will last forever.

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