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The Beautiful Ones Fade IV

In an ecstatic epiphany,
Bare lips against lips,
Mouths met, tongue caresses tongue,
And she feels the healing gash on his
And thinks,
This must be the hole
To his heart's thoughts.
To him, it was the snake,
The evil part,
Seeking the warm, wet haven.

Returning to the silent streets,
Snowflakes drifting down like bones and eggshells,
Like white gauze covering earthly wounds.
They stand together, like lovely vampires,
Like marble icons under a luminous moon
Bathing in the countryside in soft blue serenity.

Alive in this lucid environment
Saturated with cognizant dreams
They stand breathing exhilaration,
Hearts melting the air with
Burning songs of passion and rapture
Sung only by the angels
The insane.

The beautiful ones fade
With a scream to a sigh
From tragedy to ecstasy
Into a love of omnipotent passion,
A love of perpetual motion.

Translucent souls
Burn forever in
Skies of ethereal music.

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