Hear My Cry

June 25, 2011
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Roaring sounds and screams of plenty.
Earth quaking and lights flashing.
Pitter patters of water falling.
She Screams too the earth
'Hear my heart crying'
Heavier and heavier the rain starts too pour.
while the people yell.
'Cry me! Cry me! Cry me a thunderstorm'
The clouds grow darker.
While the world mocks her tears.
They all runaway not caring how she feels?
Her tears shed to help the world.
Sacrificing her own happiness to let others learn.
The people they need her too mourn and cry.
For without her tears they would all die.
Her agony fills the world with life.
How cruel and unjust?
The poor girl cries...
But justice be served
, that's when the thunder falls.
Destruction and anger filled the sky
Breaking and harming,
all there polluting thoughts.
She mourns once more.
'Feel my heart aching'
They plead and plead,
to end her rampage.
But she continues to cry.
'Not until I am whole hearted! '
To ease her pain; first we must embrace.
We shall shed our own tears,
and feel your pain.
We'll sacrifice ourselves
and devour all that hate.
The Heavy storm slowly softens.
Her anger and tears seem too fade.
The dark clouds start too dispatch.
While a rainbow appears.
Vibrant and brightly onto the sky.
A young voice says.
'Its nice too see you smile this time.'

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