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A Lover's Plea

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I have yet to fall into your arms;
I have yet to stare into your eyes;
I have yet to be yours.

And at night I dream of telling you the truth;
That to me you are everything,
The reason why I’m blushing.
The reason why I’m smiling.
The reason why I’m writing this to you.

And I have yet to open up my heart and love you,
Even though I want to,
Even though that’s all I want to do...
To love you.

I am afraid of what will be returned,
And what I have earned.
When it’s your turn to answer
What will you say?
If I fell in love with you
Would you fall too?
Could you be my wish come true?
Or will you disappoint me?
Get scared, run away!
And leave me like a rotten stray
To sit and write this pain away.

And I wander half awake
Holding onto the dream that is you,
And the reality that is true.
And what would you say if I could display
Just how much you mean to me today,
and everyday in every way?
Would you send to me a sweet Ave
Or will you let all fall away,
And leave my dying heart here to decay?

Your touch can make me come alive.
Without it I might as well wither up and die.
It all depends on your reply.

All I ask is for you to try,
To try and see me as beautiful
Like an actual angel.
My heart is fragile
And you leave me doubtful.

Can perfection fall in love with imperfection?
This is what I have to gamble.
And you place upon the table a priceless jewel
But it is my heart I choose to gamble.

I do not ask for you to love me.
Not even yet do I love thee.
But if you try so will I
And if you do never will I say goodbye
If you decide to love me; I will decide that too
It is up to you;
I rely on everything you do.
To fix my broken heart you are the tool.

But first you must put within it life
Do not leave it etherized.

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