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Beauty is Only Skin Deep

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Your skin is flawless, every lock of chocolate brown forms perfectly around your face,
Your clothes are all pink, along with your coach purse, and your hand is clasped at your waist for a picture pose.
You live the perfect life so it would seem,
But you’re just a robot to me,
There’s nothing lying underneath,
Your smile, you’re appearance, so rehearsed, there’s nothing unique.

You’re just like the mirror you always carry around,
Transparent, and simply what you see,
You’re fragile, you’re a Barbie doll, a china plate used for tea, Can’t you just for once let yourself go?
How can you stand to live a life so dull?

Rethink the life you know,
You don’t have to keeping singing the same note.

You carry your camera around like it has become a part of your right hand,
You want a picture snapped with half the world so you can play make believe that you’re the most popular princess across the land,
You know you’re beautiful on the outside, but where’s the beauty in your soul?
Don’t be the girl on the cover of Teen vogue, just take a breath, be yourself, and you will love and live so much more than ever before.

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