A Woman's Worth

May 17, 2011
A dozen people,
in a room.

They sit in corners,
and in chairs.

Another arrives,
drawing stares.

A smile on,
her pretty face.

Makes all the men,
turn in haste.

They each approach,
one by one.

Until each with her,
is done.

Her smile widens,
as they come closer.

She loves the way,
they stare at her.

Her skirt cast shadows,
down her legs.

For her hand,
each man begs.

She smiles tauntingly,
at each suitor.

She wants to make,
each one want her.

She knows she has them,
on their knees.

They want only,
her to please.

Which one shall I
take unto me?

Which one do I,
wish with to be?

Under her spell,
each will fall.

If she wants one,
she shall have all.

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