His People, Past and Present

May 17, 2011
Humanity fell
From him above,
Who wishes only for our love.

A curse each wore upon him
Forged by the guilt
Our forbearers built.

Unable, powerless
Were we to break it,
Even as we created it.

Blessed and good,
Holy and condoned,
We could never be alone.

Our trespass of he,
Who we left in the garden,
Went once and twice unpardoned.

We cast eyes above
At sin and sorrow,
That hovered o’er the morrow.

The cloud darkened
And swallowed the ages,
As we repeated the stages…

Of hatred, and lies,
And anger, and betrayal,
Hidden beneath the dark’s veil.

Hope existed naught,
Fear strived among us,
Death consumed us.

And still,
Our men were heartless,
Our women shadowed by cowardice.

What could save
God’s people from
What they could not overcome?

Through his compassion
God sent to us
His son of holiness.

Christ opened up,
With his own death,
A way for us to escape wrath.

He died one day,
Then rose another,
Forsook the love of the Holy Father.

And then sent us a messenger,
as he ascended,
Into heaven.

His demand of us,
Was perfectly clear,
We must repent and be in fear.

And in return,
Would we receive,
A cure of the curse we had reaped.

“Travel out,” he said to us,
“and find those in need,
of saving deed…

Spread my words,
Tell them of me,
The Son of God, who saved thee.

Do not forsake,
The book we gave you,
But value this too…

And through the Spirit,
Share our testimony,
So you with the three may live in harmony.

I, the Father,
I, the Son,
I, the Spirit one.

We may be one,
But also are three,
Together as one we shall be.

Respect and trust us all,
As your one God,
And never again alone trod.

I leave you now,
But shall return,
Never will I you spurn.

Live your lives,
Upon my earth,
As men and women of mirth.”

And so he rose,
Above the ground,
After grace we had found.

We live our lives,
As he decreed,
In love, and peace, and noble deed.

And when our time,
Comes to a close,
We will rise with the wind that blows.

To walk with he,
Who left us in the Spirit’s hands,
Until could we reach God’s land.

Now the repentant may find a haven
Amongst the holy dead,
Where golden gates beckon ahead.

Home of angels, heart of God,
where souls aplenty wander on
from lives where pain existed strong.

Life has lost what death has seen,
Fear crawls off, love enters in,
And He renews all that has been.

As hearts and hands join
In light and love,
God’s glory soars high above.

Let us live eternal
Hand in hand with he
Who loves more than could we.

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Laura999 said...
Jun. 17, 2011 at 12:35 pm
Thjis is just fabulous.  brought tears to my eyes.
elizmegburton replied...
Jun. 17, 2011 at 12:53 pm
thanks :) i appreciate the feedback
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