May 8, 2011
By princess101 SILVER, Boise, Idaho
princess101 SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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Favorite Quote:
a dog will leave a paw print in ur pocket.

You know that guy…
That when he asks if your O.K
Even if your say “yes”
He hugs you like he won’t let go
Because it feels as if
The world might just end

The guy…
That loves you
Like no one has ever
Loved you before

Or that guy…
That stays up every night
Just to text and talk to you…
Calling you his
Perfect Lil’ Angel form heaven

Or even that guy…
That says he loves you
But unlike every other guy
He means it…
He is the only guy
That has showed you how much he loves you
With kisses and hugs
Makes you laugh n never hurts you

And when ever
That one special guy
Calls you babe or his baby gurl
It makes you smile
And blush

The guy that he kisses you
Even just on the cheek
He makes you feel
Like you just need
To on to him for your life
Or you might just float up
Off the ground
And die

And when that one special guy
Answers your phone calls at four in the morning
Just so you can talk to him about
The dumbest things like…
To see what he is doing
To say I love you babe
Or just to hear his voice

When you go to look through your contacts
And you come to his
You go to your messages
And read from the first to the last message
Over and over
Again and again

Like when you feel like crying
All you have to do is hear his name
Then you smile and don’t feel
Like crying anymore

The guy…
That makes you
Laugh and smile everyday

When you know he is the one
Just minutes after you met him

You know…this guy… right???

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