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At least i'm not an arsonist

in the great scheme of it all
i’m sure i won’t care that
the AP and IB kids ever
looked down on me for
flunking math and skipping class
(once or twice), and that
the daydreaming i did
will help me more in life than
any extra moments spent in libraries,
and that my pet bunny has
given me more acceptance than
colleges ever will, but that’s okay

because i’ll be looking back
when i’m 94, and my kids’ kids’
will be more fascinated by
my descriptions of
italian ice at seaside heights,
looking up at the times square lights,
first kisses on crooked trees,
and stupid friends wandering
empty streets
than they will be by
GPAs and resumes
and i’m just proud to say,

i have jumped through sprinklers
on postage stamp yards in
my below average, technically urban,
small town:
where no one ever asked me
if i would choose success over living, because
it wasn’t even a question.

i have lived.

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