Things Fall Apart.

April 27, 2011
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You know what's wrong with real life?
That when you get your heart broken,
You wait for some sad music to play,
But that never happens.

So you wait for Stevie to tell you All In Love Is Fair,
but it is dead silent.

You what's wrong with real life,
There's no cenorship like the radio.
There's no DJ that's going to keep life from screaming F*** YOU,

So you wait for the bleep,
but it's dead silent.

You know what's wrong with real life,
When someone dies or leaves,
like in television,
No one's turning around waiting for a second season.
They're not coming back as someone's revived twin sister.

In fact, they're not coming back at all.

So tell me what song to play,
When the love you had faded away,
When the back I beared lost it's poise,
When the microphone muted my voice.

Tell 94.1 KFM me what I'm supposed to say,
When "f*** you"'s will never wash away

Grey's Anatomy please explain to ME,
How father could leave his child with no bread, no love, no sanity.

Hollywood testify,
How he could love me, leave me, kiss me, tease me, love me, leave me, kiss me, tease me, and circles that will NEVER end.

Cause life scream F*** YOU, I LOVE YOU, THEN I HATE YOU AGAIN.

Tell me please Stevie,
How ALL in love is fair,
When I thought I had my share of sorrows,
I had I paid my fare.

Tell me how REAL life put a gun to my chest, teased and said don't give up yet, pistol whipped me instead. And I cry screaming, "Cut. Scene. Stop."

And the only sound I heard was the sound of my heart breaking,

then it was all dead silent.

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